Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick my order up? (Markham, Ontario)

Yes! If you are local, or able to travel to Major Mackenize Drive and Woodbine Avanue just off the 404 we can meet near there for all prepaid orders. If your order is under $40 there may be a $5 surcharge for meeting up.


What about shipping, will my plants arrive healthy and safe?

If you do choose to ship we use Loomis and a few other similar carriers to handle your plants. We have used Canada Post in the past and they have been inconsistent, especially since covid happened, so we have moved away from them for the time being.


With that being said, shipping is always a risk and that risk is 100% on the buyer. We will take great care in packing and preparing your plants for shipping, however we are not liable for any damage once the plant has been shipped.


Do you ship everyday?

Depending on where you live, and when your order is placed your order typically would ship out on the following Monday or Tuesday. During restocks, really cold weather (your area or ours) and long weekends shipping may be delayed. This is due to the volume of orders and/or the Monday being a holiday. Do not worry though, just be patient and we will care for your plant during any delays.


My plant doesn't look exactly like it did in the pictures, why?

When plants are shipped they are taking from one consistent environment and placed in a box with no light, wrapped in paper and its just not a good feeling. Imagine traveling inside your suitcase! However plants are resilient and generally bounce back well. You can in some cases lose a leaf or have some root damage but with ordinary quality care your plant should be fine. We are happy to help with suggestions if you feel like you need some help, but we would like to again advise and remind you that shipping plants can be risky, and the risk is solely on the buyer.

I received my plant, now what?

Your new plant needs time to adjust. Your home or office could be different from what it is used too. Every home has different light, temperatures and humidity. Its like moving into a new place it can take a few days to settle in. So find a nice warm corner with a small but well draining nursery pot. Make sure it's not in direct sunlight light, water the soil or moss and let it dry out before watering again. Always make sure the plant is not near any drafts or any floor vents. Maybe introduce it to its new fancier pot if you insist pot after 2-3 weeks later at the earliest. 

Where do you get your plants?

Plants that we have in our shop come from a number of sources, such as international import, orders from domestic wholesale growers and even in some cases local greenhouses we have good relationships with. In some cases we have sourced from private sellers locally and in those cases the plants are monitored and treated before going on sale.

How do you decide on pricing?

Our pricing is influenced by a number of factors the same as every other business. You have equipment, lighting, overhead, permits, insurance, website and other normal costs. What makes plants unique is the living nature of them. In some cases they produce more plants which help keep costs down and the opposite when you have a loss of life through import or other factors. Supply and demand when it comes to the more rare plants changes rapidly.

What about pests? 

We will not knowingly ship a plant with pests, that being said some pests could be lying dormant in various parts of plants. It is really impossible to guarantee no pests, what we can do share what we do to prevent them. Our international imports have to pass a phytosanitary inspection prior to export. When we receive plants we always inspect them regardless of where they come from, they are then isolated and monitored. Once we are satisfied they are pest free they are moved into our general stock. Some plants do come with previous pest damage, especially international imports which are usually grown outside. These plants are really combed over well. We choose to leave minor leaf damage alone as the leaf helps support the plant. 

What happens if the plant has a health issue in our care? 

We inspect our plants before shipping. If we feel the root system isn't up to par, or we feel in general the plant is not in good shape we may cancel your order. If this happens we will contact you via email or DM and see if another plant is an option, or you would prefer a full refund.

What are the pre-sales on your website? 

To try and keep up with demand we are testing out a pre-sale option on requested plants. These are plants that are either currently in stock but not ready to ship yet (still acclimating or rooting) or plants that are currently on a confirmed order and being shipped to us from our suppliers. There is no guarantee that a pre-sale plant will be healthy enough to ship so your order eventually may need to be refunded. Please only buy from this option if you are PATIENT. Once we have pictures to send/upload we will but due to the nature of acclimating sometimes plants lose leaves so we will not send pictures until the plant is stable. 

Order Cancellation 

Any orders that are cancelled (within the cancellation period of Sunday at noon EST) are subject to a restocking fee of up to 10%. The 10% fee covers any transaction fees we are charged by our payment processors and preparation of your order.

We do not have a reserve in cart option.

There is a chance that two or more people could have the same plant in their cart and one checks out faster and gets it first. If there is a rare plant during restock we suggest you purchase it quickly and then make a separate order for any other plants. Then email us and we will combine shipping and either provide you a credit or refund for the extra shipping you would have been charged. This can be frustrating we know but due to supply and demand this was the only option that left stock available for first come first serve. Thank you for understanding.


So to recap, all plant sales are final unless the plant has a downturn in our care, or doesn't acclimate during presale, or we make an error on your shipping label. There are no refunds for shipped orders. Once the plant has shipped or been picked up there are no refunds under any scenario. If you would like to cancel your order before it has been shipped you must do so by Sunday 11pm (EST). We cannot take cancellations after this time.

Shipping is a risk that the buyer understands they are responsible for and the risk is solely on them. We will do our best to prepare your plant for a safe journey but we are not responsible once the plant has shipped. There are no refunds for shipped orders unless we make an error on your shipping label.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plants once received please send us an email including pictures and we will do our absolute best to help you care for your plant. We want you and your plant to be happy. Please only buy if you are comfortable with the price point and the risk of shipping.

Shipping is a risk that is 100% taken on by the buyer. We will gladly help you where we can in dealing with any carrier but we cannot refund for their mistakes.